Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ski to Sea Race, A Goal For 2018?

I learned today about a pretty awesome looking race in Washington, the Ski to Sea Race. It's a relay race involving 7 different sports:
  1. cross country skiing (4 mile loop), 
  2. downhill skiing (2.5 mile loop), 
  3. running (8 miles), 
  4. road cycling (42 miles),
  5. canoeing (18.5 miles),
  6. mountain biking (13 miles) and
  7. sea kayaking (5 miles)
You'll note that I mentioned that the first two events are loops. That should make the downhill ski section pretty interesting! 

I mentioned 2018 in the title because I think it'll take me a while to get into race condition, though Jay should be nearly there since he's an experienced adventure racer and is competing in the Dirty Donkey this summer. 

Maybe our Montreal River/Otter Lake/Churchill River trip from 2009 could be considered our warm-up event (cycling, packing up, paddling, driving, more paddling, for a single day total of 77 self-propelled kilometers, with a hangover).