Friday, June 3, 2011

Jay Reaches His Goal

NSE member Jay had a goal to learn to roll a kayak. Actually, this was something that Bryan & Jay were going to work toward together. Then, last summer, Bryan got impatient waiting to coordinate with Jay and went & figured it out for himself. Well Jay had not lost sight of that goal and has been working toward it over several weeks this spring. He joined the Kelsey Kayak Club and used the "member pool nights" to work on rolling a whitewater kayak, sometimes with help, sometimes on his own working with paddle floats and the side of the pool. A couple of weeks ago Bryan was at the pool with Jay and shot this short video featuring two successful rolls, the second being a clean roll where he brings his head up last and makes it look more or less effortless.

Jay is still working on perfecting the roll, trying to get to a place where he can play in the water with confidence. But this is a great start, and means he doesn't have to pay up on that bet he made!