Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Trip List

To date there have been 10 years of NSE trips. This list is an attempt to sort them out:

2001: Nistowiak Falls
2002: Barker Lake (without Bryan)
2003: Corner Rapids
2004: Otter Lake, Robertson Falls
2005: Hayman Lake - Year of the Hot Tub
2006: Mountain Lake, Robertson Falls
2007: Corner Rapids - Year of the Hot Doctors
2008: Barker Lake - Custom Whitewater Instruction
2009a: Nesbit Forest - Winter Trek
2009b: Otter Lake, Robertson Falls
2010: Churchill River - Sandfly Lake to Missinipe

As the trips get posted to this blog, the list will be updated with hyperlinks that will take you to the details and report (if written). We fully expect this list to continue to grow for years to come.