Monday, November 2, 2009

Welcome to NSE! An Introduction

Welcome to the NorthStar Expeditions blog! This blog has been created to serve as a record for the adventures and exploits of NSE. Stay tuned for trip reports, irreverence, commentary, photographs, and general bs. This coming year is the tenth anniversary of NSE so it's only fitting that at this time we take a look back at some of our past fun and adventure.

Who We Are
North Star Expeditions is Bryan, Rob, Jay, and Rod. Just 4 average middle-aged guys who get together for an annual canoe trip. Our trips have all been to north-central Saskatchewan and usually feature whitewater and fish. Our destinations have most frequently been on the Churchill River in the region around Missinipe and Stanley Mission. Recently, we've started to expand our scope to include self-propelled winter activities. We don't take ourselves very seriously, nor does anyone else. We are all married with kids (sorry gals) and our families are good friends who also camp and visit together regularly.