Monday, November 30, 2009

The NSE Infamous Hot 100

This list is now it's own "page" and can be reached from the tab near the top of the blog (or click this link). That is the one that will be edited and added to over time. 

Some of these will be explained in previous or subsequent posts. Others shall never be explained.
  1. Jay's coffee debacle, or, the reason that Rod is in charge of coffee.
  2. Jay being yanked off the rock ledge and the hat that wasn't.
  3. The winter storm that wouldn't be photographed.
  4. Bryan's bacon mishap.
  5. The missing butter disaster.
  6. Jay swims Otter Rapids and the birthday BJ.
  7. Rod's rod at Twin Falls
  8. Karrie and the pots.
  9. A bird between the canoes is worth...
  10. Joe in the ditch.
  11. South African doctors and a test of fidelity.
  12. Rod's Rock.
  13. Sunroof/beer shelf.
  14. The hot tub portage.
  15. Jimmy and the antics of the mysterious bent rod.
  16. Channel golf.
  17. Taking a fish for a walk.
  18. Three Circle Joe.
  19. Bryan sneaks the fish from between the local boats.
  20. Jay's trouble with footing, a bottle of pop and a toothbrush.
  21. Rod's generous contribution to the water bottle before the bike ride.
  22. Spooning in Weyakwin.
  23. Debate about which direction to drive (North or South during the snowstorm).
  24. Jay's five shots in five minutes.
  25. $25 soup at Nistowiak Falls.
  26. A compass and the three-day punchline.
  27. "Ummm... where do you get the firewood?"
  28. Farside Rapid wipeout and Rod's rescue sprint.
  29. Floating golf ball rescue.
  30. Roller portage debacle.
  31. Shit Island.
  32. Sauce 'n' Cake (with special mention of the first one).
  33. Losing free sunglasses in a thunderstorm (easy come, easy go).
  34. Mouse golf at Corner Rapids.
  35. Rod's endurance beer-swim below Twin Falls.
  36. Love Rock
  37. Lemon-pepper pickerel seasoning photo-op.
  38. Beaver dam overrun.
  39. Rod, Rob and the fishing licences.
  40. Jay and the sinking beer can.
  41. Bryan's rye donated for the cause.
  42. PA highway roller blader.
  43. The rock-throwing kid.
  44. Fishing tips from the RCMP.
  45. Jimmy and the un-glowing tree stump.
  46. Devil Lake night paddle.
  47. Going the distance on a record-breaking marathon day.
  48. Great efforts not to miss the game.
  49. Storm-bound under a log on Camp Island.
  50. The disappearing bottle of rum.
  51. 24km ride and a hang-over.
  52. Ken and the wardrobe.
  53. Sailing past North Falls.
  54. NSE and the AC/DC concert.
  55. Cinnamon buns and the bottom of a canoe.
  56. Rod disappears in the night...and reappears in the Land Rover.
  57. Moose on the Montreal.
  58. Touring backwaters in a borrowed canoe.
  59. Rod buys beer.
  60. Bryan's heroic down-island sprint to save Jay's hat.
  61. Filleting at the fishing camp.
  62. Bryan and Jay hitting the big stuff in Otter Rapids; Jay looking for bigger.
  63. Rob and Bryan's exciting passage below Twin Falls.
  64. The snowstorm.
  65. Bryan's dismal record in Otter.
  66. Running into the camp "owners" at Twin Falls.
  67. Unusual "flora" at the camp near Robertson Falls.
  68. Bush golf.
  69. "How frequently do they grade this road anyway?"
  70. A rental van and calendar anomalies.
  71. The excellent camp spot below Little Stanley Rapids.
  72. Free food Jimmy.
  73. Nistowiak Falls bubble bath.
  74. Which way is North?
  75. Toe surgery.
  76. Bannock burgers.
  77. Giant canoe-eating whirlpools.
  78. Bryan re-catches Rob's escapee fish at Clark Falls.
  79. The missing frying pan.
  80. Bacon grease as a concrete treatment.
  81. Jay goes off the 7m diving board.
  82. Where was Jay when Bryan really needed him, or, why communication before pulling a stunt is key.
It looks like we still have room for a few more adventures!!! Leave a comment to suggest an addition to the list.